Mattebox: Vocas MB-436

Product omschrijving
The lightweight MB-436 matte box is designed as a 4’’ x 5,65’’ matte box and fits directly on lenses with a front diameter of 143 mm. Two rear 4’’ x 4’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ combo filter frames, of which one is fully rotatable, and a fixed 4’’ x 5,65’’ compartiment inside the hood are integrated.

De MB-436 Lichtgewicht Matte

De lichtgewicht MB-436 matte box kan gebruikt worden om direct op de lens te bevestigen of in combinatie met rods.
Twee filter frames

Belangrijkste specificaties

  • Compact Timecode Slate
  • Color Clapper
  • EL Backlit
  • Jams to All Standard Frame Rates